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Weddings and Large Gatherings
Special ideas to make your special occasion stand out. We work with our customers to custom design wedding cakes made of cheese. Or we simply choose a great selection of cheeses for your large party or wedding.
Cheese Boards for Large Gatherings
Cheese for a wedding or other large gathering can be arranged with a single, simple phone call. It can be economical, too.

Forty to eighty people can be taken care of with selections from our full range of cheeses, totalling $200 and 4 kilograms. All with a 10% discount! When ordering, be sure to ask in advance for anything else you will need such as pre-sliced baguettes or flatbreads.

The cheese comes cut in impressively large pieces, ready to be unwrapped and displayed. For $20 the cheese can be beautifully arranged on two large platters by request. Our knowledgeable staff members are available to come help serve and maintain your cheese table.

Four cheese boards serve forty to eighty people
depending on other food served, for $199.95

Looking for something even more unique?
Upgrade to our finest gourmet cheeses for an additional $80.00