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Gluten Free Versions of our Catering
   Smoked Salmon Platter with All The
       Traditional Garnishes (gluten free)
   Parmesan Insalata Pasta
       Salad (gluten free)
   Feta & Pesto Pasta Salad (gluten free)
   Charcuterie Sliced Meats
       Platter (gluten free)
   Veggies & Dip Platter (gluten free)
   Cheddar, Potato, and Green
       Bean Salad (gluten free)
   Zesty and Cheesy Baby Spinach
       Salad (gluten free)
   Italian Asiago Herbed Spaghetti Squash
       Salad (gluten free)
   Sweet Potato Chevre Maple
       Salad (gluten free)
   Quinoa Orange Ginger Salad (gluten free)
   Gluten Free Goodies Gift Basket
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Gluten Free Versions of our Catering
We know it can be difficult to find gluten free options, especially for catered meetings and events. Some of our menu items are already gluten free. Here is a list of of our offerings that we can make gluten free by request!
Charcuterie Sliced Meats Platter (gluten free)
Charcuterie is handmade cured and smoked meat. We have the finest local suppliers. Our private butcher from a small town near London, Ontario, makes all natural Westphalian Ham Prosciutto, Beef Summer Sausage, Gypsy Salami, and many others.

We also carry a wide selection of exquisite gluten free patés and terrines like caribou and fig, duck and pistachio, and quail pear and cognac. Foie Gras is available by special request.

Our charcuterie platter is one kilogram of cured and smoked meats beautifully presented. The selection is our choice or yours to request.

We don't charge more for the gluten free version, we just make sure that the meats that we give you are gluten free.
Serves 15 people for $49.95