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Sandwich and Breakfast Platters
Start the day off right with our delicious breakfast and sandwich platters. Choose from simple platters of cream cheese and precut baguettes, European baguette sandwich platters, or even our popular "Make Your Own Sandwich" assortment for large groups.
Cream Cheese & Baguette Platter
This platter comes with 3 freshly sliced baguettes, 1 tub of regular cream cheese, and 1 tub of our homemade flavoured cream cheeses.

Choose from:
• Boursin Style Herb and Garlic
• Sesame and Poppyseed
• Chipotle with a Hint of Garlic
• Pesto
Serves 20 people for $29.95
Order a second Cream Cheese & Baguette Platter for $24.95!