We provide a vast selection of cheeses from around the world. It is our goal to be well informed so that we may confidently recommend those cheeses which are rennet free, suitable for vegetarians and some muslims.

Feel free to call and ask if a specific cheese is rennet free. Unfortunately, many cheeses are shipped without ingredients lists. If we don't have an ingredient list, we will not tell you that a cheese is rennet free.

Our Growing List of Rennet Free Cheeses
we add each cheese as soon as we can verify its ingredient list.
14 Arpents
Abbaye St. Benoit Bleu Benedictin
Abbaye St. Benoit Ermite
Applewood Smoked Cheddar
Armstrong 1 year old White Cheddar
Armstrong 2 year old White Cheddar
Armstrong 3 year old White Cheddar
Asiago Strevechio
Beaufort Aoc
Black Mountain Garlic and Herb Cheddar
Bleu D'Auvergne
Bleu D'Elizabeth (organic)
Bothwell Horseradish Cheddar
Bothwell Naturally Smoked 2 Year Old Cheddar
Brie de Meaux
C'estbon Fresh Chèvre Cream Cheese
Camembert Coeur de Lion
Cammembert Moulin de Gaye
Canadian Bocconcini
Canadian Feta Cheese
Canadian Salame Provolone
Cashel Irish Blue
Celtic Blue
Cendré De Lune Du Village De Warwick
Ciel de Charlevoix Blue
Clochette Affinee
Danesbourg Creamy Havarti
Danesbourg Flavoured Havartis
Delice de Bourgogne
Dubliner Irish Cheddar
Frico Goat Gouda
Friesland Foods Goat Gouda
Frico Aged Gouda
Gouda Chevrette
Frico Medium Gouda
Frico Mild Gouda
Dutch Master Old Gouda
Padano Gouda
Santa Lucia Provolone
Jarlsberg Smoked
Louis D'Or
Magie de Ganaraska
Mandel Deli Style Cream Cheese
Mi Careme
Migneron de Charlevoix
Mont D'Or Riemme
Niagara Gold - Upper Canada
Pecorino Toscano
Pine River 8 Year White Cheddar
Portneuf Belle Crème Brie Triple Crème
Portneuf Bleubry
Portneuf Camembert de Portneuf
Portneuf Caprano Firm Ripened Goat Cheese
Portneuf Capriny Chèvre Cream Cheese
Portneuf Chèvre des Neiges Snow Goat
Portneuf Double crème Brie De Portneuf
Portneuf Le Brie de'Alexis
Portneuf Paillot de Chèvre
Red Dragon Ale and Mustard Seed Cheddar
Riopelle de L'Isle
Rosenborg Danish Blue Cheese
Sage Derby
Saputo All Yellow Cheddars
Saputo Stella Mozzarella
Sardo - Argentina
Sardo Argentina
Soignon Chèvre Cream Cheese
St. Agur French Blue
Stella Provolone
Tipperary Irish Cheddar
Tre Stelle Classic Goat Chèvre Cream Cheese
Woolwich Goat Mozzarella

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